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"Thank you for coming and presenting at the GTW luncheon-your story was inspirational & real & moving.  Many women told me after that they were amazed at your strength- and then realized they were strong too! LOVE IT!! Keep up your great & important work!!" - Kandace Chapple & Kerry Winkler, Grand Traverse Woman 

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"You have to take action if you expect to accomplish anything. Be willing to get your hands dirty. Create an action plan that will get you from point A to the finish line!"
~ Robin Marvel

In order to succeed we must be ready to push the limits, overcome challenges and go after what we want. Your actions, choices, thoughts and the words you speak determine the quality of your life, your productivity and your prosperity.  Robin Marvel will get you on your feet, aligning with your goals to increase productivity and boost all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Robin is known for her truly authentic style as she connects with others on a personal level, creating a safe space for audiences while providing necessary tools and strategies to achieve the most in all areas of life. 

Her inspirational story provides a beacon of light to those who feel they have arrived at the darkest corner of their lives. She is living proof that you can single-handedly turn your own life around by making the choice to break the cycle of dysfunction and taking responsibility for all aspects of who you are.

Robin's Presentations are guaranteed to overflow with real tools that all ages can use to step up and own their life.  

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"I'm really big on people knowing their worth because that's what really changed my life was learning who I am and starting to respect myself. It changed my perspective on everything."- Robin Marvel

People are Talking about Robin's Events~

"you continue to amaze and enlighten!! Talk about a ripple effect...your vibration reaches individuals that don't even know they've been touched - but I am certain they experience a shift!" -  Cheryl Anthony Sigler

I think what you do is amazing and powerful and every person needs to hear what you have to say. I am a social work major at Ferris and your workshop really hit home with our values and ethics. Its a wonderful life changing workshop!  Thank you so much for taking your time and doing that for us! My life is forever changed!! I already have 3 positive sticky notes on my mirror-Susan Parsley

"It's so awesome to see you so involved in life and encouraging others. You truly are a blessing to others." ~HB

"Oh my, heard your interview yesterday and it was terrific! I am so happy that the world is hearing you, reading you and GETTING the message you so graciously offer!" -AA

"She always makes sure that attendees will walk away with something of value, it's never "me me me". Robin is all about helping people first and if they decide to buy a book, that's great too." - V.Volkman

You were so powerful and are a natural at this. I respect not only where you have been but what you are doing to take THAT energy and use it to build a higher ground from which to see where you want to be NOW ~ Annette

"Robin's story is a powerful testament of the human spirit...overcoming that which could be a bad story to finding her Providence through the pain and creating a life that helps others. She is one of my heroes." ~ Pamela Smith Masters

"I just listened to the podcast of your interview, Robin, and yes, it was amazing. I hope many others will listen, as well. In that short time you offered life-changing tools for rising above past limitations and creating the life you want now." ~ Donna

Robin is such an inspiration to me and i am so grateful that i have met her - i learn from her everyday - keep up the good work - " robin for president ! ' Thank you !x ~ Mia

"Robin is a highly organized and articulate motivational speaker. She is able to engage people of diverse backgrounds with her very personable speaking style.  A presentation by Robin is guaranteed to be engaging, fresh, and tailored to the interests of the audience. I have worked with Robin on the development of two of her own books and planning of a new product line of books around spiritual empowerment." ~ Victor Volkman, President Loving Healing Press

"Robin Marvel is a high energy, caring, focused, and innovative individual who is dedicated to providing practical ways for people to learn self empowerment.  Her books, devoted to development of self, are examples of her approach to empowerment.  She is well-suited to teach a workshop to adults on empowerment, as she understands the childhood lessons that impact beliefs and energy in adulthood."~Diane Wing